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Saturday, August 29, 2020

Independent Book Store Day

Today is Independent Bookstore Day, something I have looked forward to every year for the past few years. Usually I visit all my favorite indy bookstores close to home, but this weekend we had to drive to Denton to give daughter #3 her washer after my husband fixed it. So, after a quick search of Google Maps I found three stores in Denton to visit instead.
Ruth's Room, Too is a hidden gem in a little shopping strip parallel to University Ave. We almost couldn't find it and walked in with only 20 minutes of shopping time before closing, but I still found a couple of paperbacks. They have a very cute Children's section room, and sheet music.
Books & More is on University Dr. but tucked into a corner of an L-shaped shopping strip besides a Dollar General. This one was an unexpected paradise for any lover of Romance. I posted a video on my Instagram page of their Romance room, but the front room also holds a good selection of Romance paperbacks. This store also has movie and concert posters, comic books, vinyls, and LASERDISCS! I highly recommend a visit to this store if you're ever in Denton. 
Our last stop was a familiar one. My family tries to step into Recycled Books on as many Denton visits as we can. They're right on the square in an old opera house and boast three floors of rooms with books, CDs, vinyl, and cassette tapes. They also sell games and memorabilia. 
Overall I think it was a successful outing. Not only did we honor #IndependentBookstoreDay but #RecordStoreDay as well.

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