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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Writing to Write

I'm the first to admit that I'm a terrible businesswoman. I'm also very lucky and hardworking. The luck comes in the form of a hardworking husband who doesn't mind that I spend money on books. The hardworking part of me takes care of the rest. What does this mean for me as a writer? Well, I don't write to make money.

This might be considered a good thing for most things, but it's a bad thing when it comes to actual production. I feel no rush to get books published. I write when the urge to write takes me, and hopefully I have time to write at those moments too. 

When I began this crazy journey to be a published author I wrote the stories I wanted to read. That hasn't changed. However, now that I'm not under deadline with a publisher I find myself writing those stories in my head more often than on my computer. I can't even list how many different stories I've written in my head. So, lately actual writing has taken a backseat even though I have at least four series to finish. 

I'm also trying to quiet my daily life enough to hear my characters' voices again. I'm going to start carving out more time to concentrate on my worlds. I'm also going to try blogging more because the act of writing in any capacity helps keep the wheels spinning.

I would also like to point out that just because I don't depend on my royalties to eat doesn't mean I'm cool with anyone stealing my books. Piracy sucks, so don't do that.  

Another struggle right now is deciding which stories to finish. I'm decent at starting books and getting close to the middle, but then the ending eludes me. A lot of times that's because another idea pops in my head and takes over before I decide how the first one should end. What I really need to know is: are erotic stories in just as much demand as non-erotic romance? I'm writing mostly paranormal with a medium heat level but I have contemporaries started that are highly erotic. What to do, what to do? I also have eleven books that were with EC and are now fully my property again that are collecting dust. 

So, overall I've been a very lazy author. I very much want to write. I just need to remember to actually publish books too. Maybe someone needs to come over and delete spider solitaire from my computer. Couldn't hurt.