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Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012: Year of the Reader

2012 is nearly done and so it's time to look back and reflect on what kind of year I had professionally. There were ups and downs and even a couple of lateral movements, but for the most part I'd call it a very successful year for me as an author. And who added to that success? My readers of course. I met quite a few new ones online and even a couple in person. I found new ways to interact with readers and put myself out there a little more. I thoroughly enjoyed it all and consider 2012 the Year of the Reader.

So, to celebrate and thank my fabulous readers for all I accomplished in 2012 (because without you what was the point?) I'm going to give away a tote bag of goodies.

All you have to do to enter is tell me which of my books you've enjoyed the most and why. Now, no cheating. Don't go reading a review and taking from someone else's opinion. It doesn't have to be explicit detail, just enough so I know what scene or chapter in which book you're talking about. Then add your email addy to your comment and you're entered.

To sum up, I sold over 945 ebooks and at least 33 print books (not all the year's numbers are in yet) in 2012. I attended one writer's conference and one reader's conference. I had three new releases and finished writing nine books. Overall a very successful year. However, I do hope to make 2013 even better. I already have one release planned with more certainly in the works.

So THANK YOU readers!! I appreciate each and every one of you. Take your time considering your comment below. I won't draw a winner until January 6, 2013.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Do You Know A. B. McKinley?

I first read the name A. B. McKinley about a year or so ago when a reader who had befriended me on Facebook suggested I check him out. When I saw he was a Scot who wrote a romance I was seriously intrigued. What is a man who was born in Glasgae and was once a member of the British Special Forces doing writing romance? Check out his website for a chance to find out.


Scott Maclaren, a strong Special Forces Scotsman, is terribly injured during his tour of duty in Afghanistan. His journey begins with a broken heart after his wife leaves him for another man during his time in the hospital. Traveling across the Atlantic to visit family, his story now begins.
After years of physical therapy and being alone, things were about to look up. Katie Johnson, a beautiful Ohio schoolteacher, was where his ‘dream’ of passion and love were to become reality. Smoldering embers became a passionate, raging fire between them. A wanting and desire that burned for one another as neither had ever experienced before.
Scott’s love for Katie and her two girls would lead him to great lengths to make all their dreams come true, including a six-month security contract in the Middle East. The money would ensure financial security for life.
The contract was to secure the safety of a young attractive businesswoman, Britney Parnell, who is accustomed to getting what she wants… and she wants Scott. She wastes no time in making her yearnings known. All can see her motives, but Scott. His only thoughts while in Baghdad are to keep her safe amidst terrorist attacks, shootings and bombs exploding all around them…
This sensual, sexy adventure begins with the ultimate betrayal and is filled with action, intrigue, passion and steamy love scenes.
Inspired by true events…


After his recent adventures in the Middle East, all Scott Maclaren wanted to do was relax. He looked forward to his new life as a family man.
But, things never seem to ‘go-as-planned’ for the tough Scotsman.
Soon, after his return to the U.S., Scott finds himself catapulted back into the thick of action. Once again, he is called upon and will need all of his Special Forces skills, as he battles new foes.
The excitement and drama heat up, both inside and outside the bedroom in this romantic thriller. This suspenseful sequel is filled with even more action, adventure and passion.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Happy Holidays

I know I haven't been posting much and if you've missed me I apologize. To be honest I've just been exhausted from my schedule of getting the kids taken care of on a daily basis. Teen #1 has a job at the mall where she works late hours. I have to pick her up around midnight then wake at 5:30 for the daily routine. It's very tiring. 

I've also been writing and preparing for Christmas in our house. Lots of stuff to do. I hope each of you is successful in preparing for the end of the year, or end of civilization possibly. I hope you each also have very happy holidays if you celebrate them. I might not post again until after the New Year, so if I don't have a Happy and safe New Year!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

NaNoWriMo 2012: Final Update

Another year done and NaNoWriMo has officially ended. How did I do? Well, I didn't win, but I actually did a lot better than all my previous years of participation. By midnight I was at 45,191, a shortage of just 4,809 words. I was, of course, kicking myself for playing around on Facebook and Twitter so much. I am a horrible procrastinator and if you follow me on either social network you saw the moment when I realized I simply wasn't going to make it. I had to leave the computer to pick my child up from work with two hours to go and knew there was just no way I'd get back with enough time to finish.

Now, for the actual numbers. Within the month of November I worked on final edits for my newest Ellora's Cave novella, Too Hard to Break. I'm not sure of the release date for that one just yet. I also worked on the "cougar" story that's been tormenting me for months. The plan was to leave that one shelved until today so I could work just on the NaNo WIP but those characters weren't having it. Then of course I also worked on the NaNo WIP, tentatively titled Too Hot to Handle. So in essence, I wrote quite a bit more than 50,000 words within the month of November, just not all on one manuscript.

Am I disappointed? A little. But only because I started out so strong and could have finished if I'd just kept my butt in gear. It's totally my fault that I'm so easily distracted. However, next year I will once again try to get it done. We'll see, maybe I'll have my internet connection disabled for the month to make it easier on myself. ;-)