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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Next Appearance

My next book event will be the Bluebonnet Book Bash being held in Coppera's Cove, TX, on Saturday, September 16th. More information about the event can be found on Facebook here. You can also interact with all of the signing authors in the FB group dedicated to the event here. If FB isn't your thing, more information can also be found here.
At this event I will have print copies of some of my now unpublished works. The books I plan to have on hand are:
They Call Me Death
Day Shift
Love Beyond Barriers
Two Can Play (only three copies)
Into the Darkness (only three copies)
Trusting and Angel
Desiring a Demon
Saving her Angel
With the exception of the Archangel series, this is the last of these books that I will ever get from the original publishers. I'm revamping my Gargoyle Masters books now with the intention of self-publishing by 2018, however, no definite plans have been made for my other Samhain, or any of my EC books.
To guarantee I have a book waiting for you, please fill out this form.
Can't wait to meet you!