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Monday, March 21, 2022

Something Close to My Heart


Those of you who don't follow me on social media might not be aware that I'm a LGBTQ+ ally, and VERY much an ally of #trans rights. My youngest child is a transgendered person, something I've put out into the world more than once, and we live in Texas, not necessarily a good mix right now.

I love being Texan. If you've ever met me, you might've noticed my purse or something on my person or author table with the state of Texas on it. I consider it part of my identity. However, I love my children more. They always come first, especially at a time like this when some people in this state don't think one of them has a right to live as his genuine self. I'll be the first to admit I had doubts when he first told us he was born as the wrong gender. But there comes a time in a parent's life where we have to take a step back and come to terms with our child knowing their own mind, making their own decisions, and taking those first steps away from us. In our case, this was a big one, but his conviction and absolute belief that this was true was irrefutable. I'm so glad we listened to him. What would any parent do when faced with the choice of believing their child or losing them? We honestly thought that might happen, and it made our choice easy. He knows his own mind, he knows his own body. What can we do to help?

My son was able to have top surgery last March (double mastectomy) and he had started taking testosterone a few months before. Luckily, we live in Houston and had resources all around to help us with this journey. It was relatively easy, if not a little expensive, but we got it done. Name changed, the paperwork of his life straightened out, and at seventeen my child became a young man in the legal eyes of Texas. If that had happened in 2022 there's a good chance it would be considered child abuse. As it is, at least one Texas parent is being investigated retroactively for their now adult trans child transitioning while being a minor. I might still have a legal battle ahead, but it is nothing compared to what the actual transgendered youth in Texas are dealing with. To help ease some of this burden, a group of authors and concerned others have gathered together to raise money for groups actively fighting these hateful laws in Texas.

 The first offering is a bundle of books collectively called Spooky Spring. These thirteen books (yes, full novel-length ebooks) can be purchased with a donation of at least $25. Every penny goes to an organization on the ground in Texas fighting for the rights of our kids who have done nothing but live as their authentic selves. 

Don't want this particular book bundle? No problem, there will be more! I'm offering a book in one of the future bundles as well. This link will take you to the newsletter sign up to be alerted to future book bundles for this cause. 

Unsure if you want to help because this cause isn't a part of your life? No problem. I sincerely appreciate you reading this far. Please help us get the word out on social media, or to other readers any way you can. On the fence because you just don't "get it"? No problem. I'm absolutely open to questions. Though I'm not a transgendered person, my son is also open to answering questions about being trans and what it means for him. I can tell you what it means for my family and how it has affected us. 

All we're trying to do is help #trans kids live with the freedom that many others in Texas enjoy. Thank you for reading this post.