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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Romance by Any Other Name...

You may have seen me mention on Facebook or Twitter that I now have a part time job in a book store. Basically for four hours a day I look over books and type their descriptions into a database that is uploaded to Amazon and ABE Books. It's the perfect job for me. I sit mostly alone in a room surrounded by books, looking over books, and writing about books.

One thing this job has seriously opened my eyes to is a whole slew of authors I've never heard of. Why not? I honestly don't know. At the moment I'm working mostly on general and literary fiction. I do read those genres but haven't really read any contemporary authors. I am noticing a trend though. Part of what I do is type up a little summary about the book for potential buyers to read. This means I get to learn about the plot of the books. And I'm seeing a whole slew of romance.

Now, these books aren't called Romance and they're certainly not categorized that way. But why the hell not? And when you get right down to it, don't nearly ALL stories have a romance somewhere in them? As I was looking over the books in my hands today I came to realize that every one was a romance story at it's most basic plot point. However, the author has won numerous literary awards and according to the quotes on her covers is God's gift to the literary world. Well, that's nice. I read the first few pages of at least four of her books. The writing is solid and imaginative...but the story is still a romance.

What bothers me about this discovery is that romance authors still get a bum rap. I mean, even with the hoopla over Fifty Shades... there are still other authors who look down their noses at us because we're not ashamed to admit we write love stories. And God forbid I mention my erotics! So what is it going to take for romance authors to earn equal respect? We earn royalties just like other genre authors. We use our creative juices to make stories that people want to read. We create and destroy whole worlds in our spare time. What's not to love and respect?

Maybe I'm asking for too much, or just being completely naive. And to be honest, I don't care a whole lot what people who don't read my work think of me as a writer. So long as I can still make someone happy with my books I will continue to put them out there. Even if that someone is just me.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Festivities All Day Long!

I hope you'll join me today at the Paranormal Monday Yahoo group. I'm on from 3-4pm, but there will be authors on all day long. There will be excerpts, prizes, and wild shenanigans. Kick the Monday Blues with us!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

I'm Live and In Person!

Happy Saturday! Today is another chance to meet me out and about. I'll be at Third Planet Sci-fi and Fantasy Superstore in Houston. They're having a big Halloween sale complete with candy and goodies for trick-or-treaters. So, come in your best costume and have some early Halloween fun!

1-4 pm

Phone: (713) 528-1067
2718 Southwest Freeway
Houston, TX 77098

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Book Signing!

So, what are ya'll doing today? I'll be running around all morning like a chicken with my head cut off. But this afternoon I'll be hanging out at Barnes and Noble in The Woodlands signing my books. I'll have copies of both They Call Me Death and Day Shift available. Won't you join me? I'll be there from 2-4.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I'll be celebrating in a couple of places online.
Click on the links to find me and maybe win a prize:

All month long!

Oct. 29th 3-4 PM

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Computer Issues Suck!

Sorry I've been MIA lately. My computer died and online access is spotty for me right now. I promise I'm still alive and well...and writing! See you again soon. :-)

Monday, October 8, 2012

Hottie John Quinlan Needs Your Vote!!

If the name in the title looks familiar it's because it should be. John is one of the sweetheart male models who allowed me to use his photos for our ogling pleasure in a Male Model Monday post. In fact, John is the only model to be featured twice! He is so awesome, he just keeps sending me beautiful photos. So, now he could use our help. He's in a contest and can use some votes. Here's the info from the email he received:

"Lucy's ORR will run from October 8 – 12 and is a chance for authors and industry professionals to connect with their readers.   In addition to many blogs and social media activities, the cover model contest will be a week long event.  Readers will have an opportunity to vote via "Liking" your photo in the special "Cover Model Contest" photo album to be created on Lucy’s Facebook-Fans page and/or Pinterest.  The combined likes/pins on both pages will determine the winner. "

Okay everyone, please add your vote by liking John's photo(s) at one or both of the links below:

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Print Release Day!!

It's here in print!!! Run to your nearest book store to get your copy today. :-)