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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

New Erotic Romance Release

It's back! My cougar romance, Lunchtime Sex is now available again. I've re-released it with a few more words, but the same characters and plot as when it was an Ellora's Cave book.


Nick Jacoby is tired of the same old club scene, even with his best friend Mason’s many attempts to get him to go out. Then the unspeakable happens, they bump into Mason’s mom at a club and she’s beautiful. Though she barely glances his way, Nick becomes entranced. But is he really panting after his best friend’s mom? There’s no way he’s willing to allow that attraction to bloom…or is he?

Genie’s life is a non-stop rotation of work, being home alone, and wishing her son would give her the time of day. Bumping into him at a dance club only infuriates him and humiliates her, especially because she didn’t realize he was in town. It’s been years since her divorce so her friends encourage her to date, but the only man to get her attention in a long time is barely older than Mason. There’s also something vaguely familiar about him.

When Nick happens to tour the apartment complex where Genie works and lives, he thinks it’s fate and can no longer fight the attraction. Genie must decide if age is just a number since the sexy, young man seems truly interested. The question is, what will happen if Mason finds out about their Lunchtime Sex?

Get the ebook here.The print book will soon be available from Barnes and Noble.

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Obligatory New Year Post

Happy New Year! I hope the first week of the year has been good for you. I've obviously procrastinated a bit. In truth, it took a few days for me to decide whether or not to post a New Year post, but since I've been seriously lacking in the writing department I figured I should.

2019 was an up and down year for me. Another one of my kids graduated high school and entered college. We announced to our world that my youngest identifies as male. I asked for the rights back from the last "traditional" publisher that still had some of my books. I self-published for the first time. I wrote probably less than any previous year in the past ten years.

Around me the world is on fire, at war with each other politically and socially, and most people can't even agree on what constitutes human decency. But I am very hopeful that we've seen (or at least come very close to) rock bottom, so now the only way is up. As a human I'm going to keep chugging along and stick to my beliefs.

As a writer, I plan to finish book three in my Gargoyle Masters series, and possibly book four, this year. I hope to have book three published by summer at the latest, and then book four by year's end. I will be attending at least three different events, all in Texas. I also plan to publish a couple of my erotic romance books that were previously published through EC. I'm not sure yet if I will have anything new in erotic romance this year or not, as the cost of self-publishing is a bit of a hindrance.

As a person, I've decided not to create official resolutions this year. It's too much unnecessary pressure when no one really expects anyone else to stick to them. I am, however, going to try to be better at a few things I do, and restart a few things I was doing last year at this time that I never should have stopped. Yes, writing is one of those things.

I hope your year has begun as a refreshing start to a new chapter in your life, and I wish you good luck on making it through the next twelve months.