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Monday, October 28, 2013

A Rare Thing

I got today off from work, which is rare during the week. I'm finding the perks of this new job faaaar outway the added commute and toll road fees. So far today I've taken two kids to the doctor for annual physicals (yeah very late, I know), made lunch for me and one kid who stayed home sick (damn allergies), read part of a book, and am updating my poorly neglected blog. I plan to do a final read through of the manuscript I finished yesterday so I can send it to my EC editor. This book is supposed to be a sequel to Eroitc Images, though they will be stand alones as well. 

After that, if there's daylight left I just might go for a walk. It's wonderfully cool outside and Houston's high humidity is a little less today. So far, I'm loving this rare day off!

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