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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

No Religion Here, Politics? Umm...

One of the first things any author and/or blogger learns is there are certain hot topics that are best avoided if at all possible. Whether it's in your writing, or even when speaking to someone you meet at a convention, signing, etc. It's almost common sense not to bring up religion and politics. There are other hot topics that should probably be avoided as well, but those are the two most widely known.

Overall, I've heeded the advice and try not to wander down the lane of social media suicide by bringing up either topic. However, every now and again something happens where I can't keep quiet. Last night was one of those nights. I won't get into the whole issue of Texas Senate Bill #5, but look up #SB5 if you want to know the ins and outs. It was nuts. I was riveted and glued to my computer screen for about six hours as I watched the drama of a live filibuster unfold.

So, what is today's post about? It's an almost-but-not-quite apology I guess. I'm really hoping I didn't alienate any loyal readers last night. If I did, it wasn't my intention. I won't apologize for the passion I feel on certain subjects. But I will apologize if you felt overwhelmed by them. All I can say is it doesn't happen very often. Feel free to venture onto my Facebook page or Twitter feed again today. It's safe now. The regularly scheduled program of writing, reading, and kids is back in place.

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