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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Too Close for Comfort

So, yesterday's shooting was way too close to home. I mean, that is the exact campus I'd planned to have teen #1 register at for the Fall. So am I being paranoid in deciding she'll go to the Northern campus instead? I don't think so but some might. I completely understand the argument that a shooting can happen anywhere at anytime, especially in Texas where a lot of the citizens own guns. However, I also believe in not tempting fate. More than one news report mentioned the violence "could have been" gang related. What that tells me is that campus has issues. Now I also understand the other campus might also. But I went to both campuses (many, many years ago) and to be honest they're like two different worlds. So for now I'm going to have to insist my baby goes to the one I feel safer and more confident about. Otherwise, I just might have to attend classes with her.

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