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Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday WTF?: Ouch!

If you're anything like me, when you peruse the news articles online you spend more time reading the comments than the article itself. Usually the comments are highly entertaining either in how badly they are written, or in how passionate some people can get over nothing (in my opinion). However, when I read this article from The Daily Caller on Yahoo Tuesday, I have to admit quite a few of the comments made sense. The writer of the article appears to be female and she wrote about a male victim of a serious injury. I won't spell it out here but basically his ex-girlfriend ripped his nuts off. OUCH! Unfortunately I'm totally serious, this really did happen. Even more unfortunate is how this writer chose to "report" the incident. Now, I know nothing about The Daily Caller. Perhaps this is the type of writing style they prefer to draw readers in. But I do find it unfortunate that the male victim is now the butt of horrible jokes over such a serious injury. As many comments pointed out, if the victim had been a woman who suffered like injuries not many people would have found it funny.


  1. Holy Hanna!
    People have issssssssssues!
    I mean sure...for like 5 seconds it was funny, but that poor guy. It was assault plain and simple.

    And they're completely correct that this would never have been reported like this if the roles were reversed.

    At all.