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Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday WTF?: My Time is Your Time

First, I'm going to go ahead and confess that I completely forgot to write this post yesterday. So, for the one person who actually reads my posts at 6 AM CST when they're usually scheduled...sorry.
Anyway, I'm going to bitch about Comcast this morning because they've ruined my whole day. Amazingly enough it wasn't even a bad customer service call that pissed me off. I've given up calling customer service for any company that offers online chat. It's just so much easier to read the words than try to decipher them by voice. So when I chatted with Comcast (Xfinity, whatever) online Wednesday, I actually got pretty great service. What thoroughly pissed me off is that my service call for today is from 8AM to 8PM. Let me break that down, I have to be home and available for the technician for TWELVE FUCKING HOURS. What's even more ridiculous is the whole thing is entirely their fault. Back at the end of January when I moved and had my service turned on, they left a cable hanging over my back fence and running into the neighbor's yard. They also left a large (major?) cable running along my back fence.
Now, to be honest, I don't even care. It's weird but not that much of an eyesore. I never go back there anyway. The hubs on the other hand bitches about it at least once every two weeks when he mows the lawn. With the rain we've had and probably more coming soon, he'll be mowing weekly in no time. That means I'll have to listen to him and that really sucks. So, I told them they needed to come bury the cables they were supposed to shortly after turning on my service the last weekend of January. They said, sure no problem, but you gotta wait around for TWELVE FUCKING HOURS for us to do it. For what? I sure as hell hope they don't expect me to make lemonade.


  1. Wow--that is completely lame, Missy--sorry your Friday is this way :( Boo on Comcast!

    1. Thanks Fedora! They showed up early enough for me to get other things done, but they only did half the job. So, now I'll have to go through this again at a later date! Oh well.