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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

WWWW: It Makes Me Ill...

There are many subjects I'm passionate about and willing to argue over with anyone. Sometimes I agree with the opposing opinion and can be swayed, sometimes not. However, there is one subject that is my major hot button. I will never agree that it is in any way okay or excusable to cheat. Infidelity is such a serious issue in my mind, it makes me ill to even read about it in fiction. Seriously, physically ill. So, this week's WWWW finding is one I could barely stomach. By now I'm sure ya'll have heard of the White House intern who fucked the president...oh I mean the newest one. According to Mimi Alford, she had an affair with JFK, starting with losing her virginity in (gag) his wife's bed! Honestly, I've never cared one way or the other about JFK. I haven't studied enough of his political history to know if the world would have been a better place without the infamous bullet that took off the back of his head. But now that this has come to light I definitely have a strong opinion of the man, and it isn't a good one. 
Could she be lying? Of course, but why? After all these years surely there's another subject she could have written about if this wasn't true and all she wanted was a book deal. I would think just being an intern during JFK's reign would be enough. Does it really matter? Well, probably not to most of my generation. However, the ones who can recall exactly where they were and what they were doing when news of his death hit them may be struck again by this news. He has become more than a political figure. He is the icon of a generation.
To me this news is devastating not because of who he was, but because of what he represents to the world. Here is yet another American politician who simply refused to hold to the sanctity of marriage. Yes, it's a personal issue that has nothing to do with their job as a politician, but what about their integrity? What about the trust we as the American public place in these bastards who can't even remember the sacred vows they made to the most important person in their lives? If the President of the United States is willing to overlook his promise to his wife, why the hell would he care about promises made to complete strangers? 


  1. Oh, JFK was a notorious cheat! His affair with Marilyn Monroe and subsequent passing of her to his little brother Bobby is in all the biographies. Jackie, like the other Kennedy wives took it with stoicism.

    Ambassador Joseph P. Kennedy (JFK's father) also had a host of documented affairs and even brought his longtime mistress, Gloria Swanson, to stay with his family at their summer home.

    When you have an example like that, you're bound to become a real bastard to women.

    Luckily for the Kennedys, Joseph's wife, Rose, was a remarkable matriarch who instilled positive ideals and a social consciousness in her children that helped them all go far.

    JFK may be the poster child for the Kennedys, but the driving force behind that family's accomplishments, political, social and charitable, is the women. A fascinating study of them can be found in Laurence Leamer's "The Kennedy Women".

  2. Wow, I had no idea. I'm afraid when it comes to infidelity in the news I usually stick my head in the sand. Just. Can't. Stand. It!