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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Where I'm at This Week

In 2012 I hope to be better about posting writing updates on this blog. So here goes the first of the year. Right now I have four manuscripts actively in my WIP file that I go between when the writing mood strikes me. I was in the midst of Archangels when Emily Olavson (Andor's daughter from They Call Me Death) started talking to me again. 
This isn't an odd occurrence for me. I often have to tell other characters to shut the hell up so I can get anything done. Anyway, Emily started talking and I know better than not to listen to her. I started reworking my MS and decided the title just didn't fit her story. After all, she is half human/half shifter, but this story is about her shifter side emerging. Therefore, I changed it from Much More Than Human to Releasing the Animal Within. 
Of course, I couldn't let a good title go to waste. So now Kotori's story will be Much More than Human...because he is. 
As I said, I was in the midst of my first Archangel story and I'm very happy with the changes so far. It was actually completed last year but then rejected by my chosen publisher. 
I decided to give it another look to see what could be fixed/changed. I'm basically adding more sexual tension between the main characters and possibly more details about the secondary characters. We shall see. I'm hoping to sub it sometime in February but haven't settled on a publisher yet.
On the erotic romance front, I have one sub in with my editor and am waiting for word on whether she will accept it. Cross your fingers. If you enjoyed my first Ellora's Cave release, Two Week Trial, then hopefully you'll like this one too, as it is a sequel. It's Sean's story, in which his atrocious behavior is redeemed.
That's all for now folks. Outside of writing I'll be struggling to finish reading the final Harry Potter book and the Stephen King anthology I began last year. I'm also packing up my household and moving into a larger house where I'll get an office! WOOT!! 

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