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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

WWWW: A Sign of the Times?

I've decided to try some semblance of a schedule on my blog. So, for now we're going to begin with World Wide Web Wednesdays. Every Wednesday I'll post something funny, crazy, or interesting I've found on the web. You've been warned. 

Those of us who have lived in a large city our whole lives aren't necessarily surprised to learn of drug deals happening on busy street corners late at night. But, what if they're advertised? This sign, posted in the Houston Chronicle, almost looks like an ad right? I'm sure it is in fact an angry neighborhood resident sick of the lack of response from HPD about this known spot. Heck, I can drive around the city and point out where to buy drugs and pick up hookers too, but I don't think helping the uninformed is the way to go.

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