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Friday, April 15, 2011

Four Months In - Life Update

It's mid-April, which means it's officially been four months since my youngest was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. My family has learned how to read nutrition labels, count carbohydrates, inject insulin and take blood glucose readings. It's been quite an interesting four months and we've made it through with only a few bumps in the road.
Spring break came and went with our annual road trip up into the Hill Country. We bypassed the Blue Bell ice cream factory this year for a stop to see miniature ponies. Then we camped at Lake Summerville for a couple of days. It was great spending the week with my girls, even if I didn't get much writing done.

Professionally it has been a good year so far. I had an erotic release from Ellora's Cave in January and am currently revising another to submit soon. I joined other Texas Authors of Romance Fiction members at the Houston Indie Book Festival at the beginning of this month and had a great time. Plus, I began a new blog post of reviewing characters and then giving away their books to my readers. Response has been good. So, what's next?
I recently found out that I am able to submit the sequel to They Call me Death elsewhere. I'm disappointed that my publisher rejected it, but it happens. I've already changed Emily's story and don't feel comfortable doing so again. I want her story to stay true to what I've envisioned. It's currently under review from a friend of mine who's opinion I trust in letting me know if I really should change it up. Hopefully I'll have information about where/when it will be published in the next couple of months. I've also submitted a vampire novella to one of my publishers and hope to hear back on it by the end of the month. My current WIPs are: another book in my shifter world, Kotori's story, tentatively named Shifting Perceptions; a contemporary erotic novella about a photographer; and the sequel to Resignation about home-wrecker Heather, tentatively titled Redemption.

Anything new in your world? Feel free to let me know ;-)

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