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Thursday, August 3, 2023

Love Beyond Barriers is Available Again


Way back in 2014 I had four loosely linked novellas released through Ellora's Cave publishing. Then EC closed it's doors and the rights reverted back to me. I've been ignoring those books for the most part but finally decided to take a look at them again a few weeks ago. After some light re-editing to update things like my characters not using cell phones or Google maps, I'm releasing them back into the world. 

All four books will be available as individual ebooks tomorrow through Draft to Digital (currently available for preorder) and the two print books (two novellas each) are already available for order from Barnes and Noble Press.

I have included content warnings this time, as all four books mention domestic abuse and past trauma, one also includes a short fight scene, but none of the books are graphically violent. 

This was also my very first venture in creating the covers completely by myself for both ebook and print, so if the formatting is a little wonky please ignore it. I love my cover artists and plan to keep using them, but the cost for these re-releases is prohibitive. 

Also, please note that I will never knowingly use AI in either my writing or cover art. For these books I used Canva and chose their free photos that looked the most realistic to my inexpert eye.

Links to order my ebooks books:

Two-week Trial:

Two Dates Max:

Too Hard to Break:

Too Much to Lose:

Links to order my print books:

Love Beyond Barriers: Love Beyond Barriers by Missy Jane, Paperback | Barnes & Noble® (

Two Can Play: Two Can Play by Missy Jane, Paperback | Barnes & Noble® (

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