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Tuesday, June 20, 2023

New Release: Kismet on Wings by Cornelia Amiri


The magic of ancient Egypt and a time traveler’s pocket watch…spark two adventures of spells, passion, and peril.

From the hot sands of Ancient Egypt, walk along with Seshat, a seductive priestess, and Ricard, a French Restoration/Regency gentleman…she can’t resist…as they discover a love that enflames their souls.

And follow Felicity, the Victorian Lady Egyptologist, and Heru, the Ancient Egyptian epitome of male perfection who makes her breathless… on their steamy, time travel journey.

Will these two couples overcome time itself or will their love be lost to the centuries between them?

Cornelia Amiri is an author well-versed in ancient civilizations. Her previous works include books about the Celts, Druids, and other fascinating characters from long ago. I've had the pleasure of speaking on various panels with Cornelia and she really knows her stuff. If these subjects interest you, I highly recommend any of her books. You can find more on Amazon here.

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