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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sex Scene Championships

It's August! And with the new month comes a fun endeavor I'll be participating in for the first time: Scorching Book Reviews' Sex Scene Championships.

Basically two authors will be facing off in each round with one sex scene she picked from one of her books. This was pretty hard for me, not only because I had more than one book to choose from but also because the competition is so fierce! On top of that, we had to only choose an excerpt of about 600 words. I hadn't realized how long my sex scene run. Almost all of them are well over that 600 limit.

So, I'm in round 11, up against Cari Quinn. She's a fabulous author so I'm a little worried. As soon as the link is live for voting in my round I'll have it posted everywhere. For now, be sure to check out the first few rounds. Every time you vote you're entered to win some fabulous prizes!

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