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Thursday, May 9, 2013

New Release! Body Butter by Renee Luke

If the above book cover doesn't get your attention, I don't know what will! How about the blurb?

Because of non-refundable tickets and a loser, would-be groom caught with his pants around his ankles just before the wedding, Jade Palmer finds herself all alone on an exotic island, in a resort world renowned for its specialty creams. After a year of depriving herself to fit into the designer gown, she plans on flaunting her new slim body in a bikini on the beach, indulging in some of the resorts special creams, and taking care of her needs for a change. Her main need, a man to live out the sexual fantasy this trip was meant to be.

This resort gig was his mother’s thing, so how Ty Zamir got suckered into caretaking her business for the summer is beyond him. Worse yet, because of a scheduling mix-up, he’s left delivering breakfast to their newest guest.  She’s naked when he arrives--and dreaming--mumbling about fantasies and creams. Ty’s supposed to leave the tray of breakfast creams, and quietly leave her room, but he pauses and she awakes before he can.  She tells him he’s why she came--what she needs--and offers herself in exchange for being shown how to use all of the island’s exotic, edible creams.

Wow! Very hot. How about a little more with the blurb from book 1?

To prepare him for an upcoming feature role, chef and TV show hostess, Ellie Brown, is charged with teaching special guest, soap star, Derek Allen, how to create incredible desserts. Her Friday nights heat up during the live segment on summer desserts, where together they’re supposed to make scrumptious treats from scratch. The problem is, Derek doesn’t know a Dutch oven from a French kiss, and the only recipe Ellie can think of involves a certain hunk covered in sweet creams, who tastes as good as he looks. Not that she’s been licking...the spatula.

With her career and reputation on the line, she attempts to focus on her task, getting Derek familiar with cakes, whipped cream, and frostings. Enough so that he can fool the camera.  But Derek isn’t making it easy for her, not when his real talents seem to be charm and passion, and his prowess has her thinking of some off-camera action where the all those desserts can be taken to a whole new level. Determined to get him proficient in the kitchen so he can land his role, she spends extra time practicing creating each dessert with him, only to come to the conclusion, nothing’s better than mixing desserts and hunks-- If only she didn’t spend so much time thinking about how to keep one off her thighs, the other between.

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