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Monday, July 5, 2010

Switching Worlds and Losing My Groove

I recently finished a work in progress that spanned an entire year. Why did it take so long? I kept changing my mind on the direction the story should go. I'd submitted version one last year and it was rejected, but I was lucky enough to have an editor willing to give me a second chance. I wrote up version two and wasn't satisfied with my heroine at all. So, before starting version three I gave myself a stern talking to and went with my gut. I'm very happy and hopeful about the finished product. We'll see if my editor feels the same way.

Now the problem is what to work on next. I have way too many unfinished stories calling to me. My characters are begging me to listen to them and get it all out on paper, but who do I listen to? I decided to work on a sequel to my erotica, Resignation. However, I've been struggling to get in the groove. My fantasy characters are mad at me because I've been ignoring them for nearly a year. And to top it all off, my shifters are screaming to keep the attention they've gotten used to over the past few months. They're kind of like my children that way.

Speaking of children, I also promised my daughters I would write something they'd be allowed to read for once. Hmm, when will that get done? I think for now I'll open up a few documents and type here and there as the mood strikes me. Hopefully the dialogue won't get mixed up between projects since I've suddenly acquired a ten-second attention span. I blame twitter for my new found need to hop around and type just a little bit here and there. Maybe that's why I now have so many darn blogs...


  1. I think you've hit on something in that social networking adds to the difficulty of sticking to one thing. Some days I think there are just wat too many of me to keep track of.

  2. I agree Nara. I can't imagine how authors with multiple pen names do it! I have a hard enough time with one.