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Friday, June 13, 2014

My Ridiculously Emotional Week

Though I'm not currently a pet owner, if someone were to ask I'd probably claim to be more of a cat person. I've owned both in the past, but my current attitude of not wanting to bother with much makes me lean toward cats when considering future pets. However, my office is in the business owner's home at the moment, so we have an office dog: his miniature dachshund named Shrek.

I didn't realize how close I've gotten to this little dog until Wednesday morning when I arrived at work to find him missing. He had somehow gotten out of the gate and was roaming the streets of Houston on a grand adventure. Meanwhile, the humans in his life were freaking the hell out. Work skidded to a halt and sat on the back-burner as we literally walked the streets, knocked on doors, and begged local businesses to post his flyer in their windows. It was a hot, sweaty, emotionally harrowing experience that I never want to repeat.

Amazingly he was returned to us safe and sound Thursday night. I'm sure he thought he was on vacation, much as his owner currently is, who has no clue Shrek was ever missing. Overall, it was a nerve-wracking few days and I'm emotionally wrung-out from the experience. But at least Shrek is now home where he belongs.

I hope your week was nice and uneventful.  

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