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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Child Died Today...

...he wasn't my child. I'll bet he didn't even consider himself a "child". But I considered him one of the many I interact with on a daily basis. I'm a server in the cafeteria line at a high school and today one of our students was killed. He was stabbed by another student who also stabbed three more. Now everyone wants to know WHY? Does it matter? I want to know HOW? How can this child have so little regard for human life, including his own? How can he reach his teens without learning all life is precious? How can he have not known or cared about the consequences for everyone involved? How can this keep happening in our schools, with our children?

The only thing that kept me sane through the entire ordeal was knowing none of my children were on that campus. They all attend other schools and I was the only one of us there. I was in the kitchen, in the back preparing lunch when it happened as breakfast was ending. Today will be a day I never forget no matter how hard I try. Many parents' knee-jerk reaction is to want to pull their kids from this school, but where would they go? Where is safe? Past incidents up north have proven even the smallest, quietest, most affluent communities can be attacked by a person intent on killing innocents. It sickens and infuriates me in equal measure.

So I'll hug my girls more tightly tonight. I've already reminded them to always run the other way when they see or sense a confrontation. I've warned them not to stop to take photos or videos. Their life isn't worth a damn twitter pic. There's no school the rest of the week but we'll be back to it on Monday and the memories will last my lifetime.

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