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Monday, July 15, 2013

Checking In

If you keep up with me on a regular basis you may have noticed I wasn't as active online the past week as usual. It's all preteen's fault. One day as she was lying on my office floor staring up at the six bookshelves around her, she decided they needed to be reorganized. I originally had them ordered by genre. I'll admit it wasn't the most organized arrangement. Romance and horror dominate my shelves and had begun to creep onto the literature and fantasy shelves as well. There was also the not so small problem of books that fit into more than one genre. I really don't know how anyone who works in a bookstore can handle it. So together we decided to redo my entire library alphabetically by the authors' last names, regardless of genre or anything else about the book. Did I mention I own 1,078 books?

So yeah, it took nearly the entire week to accomplish. Each day we tackled one shelf. We had to empty each one before adding the right books back onto it. My Stephen King collection took the longest. I own 64 of his books. Then, to make it more interesting, I started visiting author websites to determine the order of my series collections. I now have a ridiculously long to buy list to complete the series. But I have to admit the pain was worth the end result. I own a software program from to keep track of my library. I hadn't been using it to its full potential before. Now my software can tell me which shelf the book is on, whether or not I've read it, and what rating I gave it. 

So that has been my past week or so. This week I'm working on edits for my archangel book contracted through Entangled publishing. I hope to finish those quickly so I can move on to writing the sequel. 

What is your week looking like?

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