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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's My Birthday!!

Today is my thirty-sixth birthday! And it's even more special because it's also the release day of my sixth e-book! Erotic Images is my newest erotic novella from Ellora's Cave Publishing, and they gave me a real treat this time by putting the delectable Jimmy Thomas on my cover. He is easily one of the most recognizable faces in the Romance world, as well as a super nice and all-around cool guy. Not only is he making my new book look great, he was also gracious enough to answer a few question for me to post on this special day. So here it is, my mini-interview of Romance cover model Jimmy Thomas:
Missy: If you even have time (just reading your bio wore me out!) do you ever read the books you're featured on? If not, do you prefer another genre, or read for fun at all?

Jimmy: I rarely have time to do anything other than work, so unfortunately, I haven't read any of the books I'm on. If I did, I wouldn't get new images shot and uploaded for all to use on their covers ;)

Missy: Your site is phenomenal and unlike anything I've ever seen. What made you decide to market yourself in this way?

Jimmy: Thanks :) I've been modeling for 13 years and have always shot "couples" images of romance, sensual and erotica, and I knew the romance industry needed a place to go to get exactly that, without extensive searching on random stock image websites that didn't have much of what they wanted/needed. And I've always been one to come up with marketing, network and advertising ideas that work well ;)

Missy: I've browsed the covers on your site and you seem to have every sub-genre of romance there. Historical, sensual, steamy, paranormal and even you in a kilt! (sigh) Do you have a favorite pose or type of cover? If so, why is it your favorite?

Jimmy: Not really. I love any style/genre, as long as I produce great images that I love within any genre during a shoot, I'm happy :) Of course those where I'm holding a half naked/naked beautiful woman doesn't hurt ;)

Lol, and don't we all wish we were that naked, beautiful woman? All right, readers, what do you think? Do you have a favorite Jimmy Thomas pose? Describe it, link it or name the book title in a comment below and you're entered into my Birthday Blog Tour giveaway!Please include your email address in your post. I'll choose a winner via tomorrow evening. Good luck!
In case you were wondering, here are my faves:

 Romantic Times Convention April 2008                                                            


  1. Well, hellooo Jimmy *Wags eyebrows* I read so many romance books and often drool over some of the sexy covers. Most often than not, I'm drawn to a book by the cover and I love my books with sexy covers, but I often don't think of the man, or couple on the cover. How bad am I??? I love the story of the book and when the character is coming to life I often have my own take merged with the man on the cover. I love coming across interviews like this when I actually am forced to step back and say, Wow, this is a real person. I know, silly but true :) I enjoyed learning a little more about Jimmy and it was so fun to see him on so many covers, some I recognized. I especially loved the cover on Wicked Games, yeow!!! That's hot and steamy :)


  2. Happy happy Birthday Missy Jane! I have to pick only one pose? That's not fair because I love everything Jimmy does. But all right, since I live in Texas, I would have to say his cowboy poses are the best.

  3. Lol, you're both awesome. Thanks for your comments and following along on my tour! And Harlie, I might be Texan, but did you see Jimmy in the kilt?!!!! ;-)

  4. So yesterday a couple of readers let me know Blogger was giving them a hard time about posting comments :-(
    If anyone reading this now had trouble and couldn't post a comment, please email me directly at missyjane01 AT gmail DOT com and it will count as a comment toward today's drawing. I'm so sorry ya'll had trouble.

    Today's post is over at the Samhain Publishing site and it's a Wordpress site. Hopefully that will make a difference. I'll draw today's winner later this afternoon. Thank you!!!!

  5. I have Jimmy's calendar and cannot pick 1 pose, so I say I love them all but especially his calendar lol

  6. Oh yeah and Happy Belated Birthday!!!

  7. leanne_gag[at]hotmail[dot]com

    sorry for all the posts lol I'm not really awake yet

  8. Lol, Leanne, no problem. I'm jealous that you have Jimmy's calendar though ;-)

    Here are a couple more entries from readers who couldn't get Blogger to let them post ;-P

    Happy HAppy B-day!! and congrats on the book release. I didn't have time today to go to Jimmy's site but he is super hot! And you know him? I hope you're having a great day...and many more (imagine music notes and corny music!

    Linda Thurmond DeCristofaro: Missy, I can't sign in for comments. I know I must be doing something wrong, but for the life of me, I don't know what it is....

  9. All right, and today's winner is...
    Leanne!!! Congratulations! I'll be emailing you shortly.

    Everyone one else hop on over to the Samhain Publishing blog for today's chance to win!

  10. Happy belated birthday, Missy! I know the contest if over, but just wanted to say my favorite is mine! :) NOBODY'S ANGEL has him and Karisa (Master Marc and Angelina in the book) on the bed in a very hot pose. (I love where he has his hand. )

    And I'm looking forward to using another of his images on my NOBODY'S PERFECT cover for book 3, because he SO looks like Master Damian. (But, of course, Jimmy IS perfection!)

    And I just ordered Jimmy's calendar about 10 days ago, so it's probably still available here $10 + shipping and you get a signed photo of him, other perks, AND the awesome calendar. AND a portion of proceeds go to help local animal shelters. What's not to love with a deal like that?

    Thanks for interviewing Jimmy, Missy! Hope your birthday week was a great one!