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Monday, March 21, 2011

Road Trip Soundtrack

Last weekend I took a road trip with my girls and nephew to San Antonio. We headed along Interstate 10 listening to Houston's familiar radio stations until, somewhere around Schulenburg, they finally faded out. My wonderful hubby had installed a new radio in my Suburban a couple of months ago, but unfortunately none of the auxiliary options work. No CD player, no IPOD connection...nothing. So, short of having the kids sing the rest of the way (I wanted to make it there with my sanity intact) my only option was to hit seek until we found something suitable...and discovered there are a plethora of country and Spanish music stations in Texas.

Luckily we did in fact find a few tunes we could all tolerate and even some we could sing along with. That got me thinking about what the perfect soundtrack would be for a good road trip. Here is what I came up with, in no particular order:
Rollin' by Limp Bizkit
Waiting for the End by Linkin Park
Move Along by The All-American Rejects
Like a Stone by Audioslave
What the Hell by Avril Lavigne
I like It by Enrique Iglesias
Epic by Faith No More
Fully Alive by Flyleaf
Now I know that's not nearly all of them, just the ones I came up with off the top of my head. So, what do you think? Is there any particular song or artist you love to hear while driving? Post your thoughts to be entered into the Fool for Romance contest, as well as for one of my prize packs!


  1. Hi, Missy, hope I'm commenting in the right place for the contest. Liked your blog. I think we all get trapped in the digital age without realizing it, lol. At least you got to listen to some good music on your trip. I love listening to Octane while driving and sometimes my Shinedown CD's. Kids and I have the same taste in music so luckily we can always agree on the same stations. Thanks for helping with the contest. It's been fun meeting new authors :)

  2. Hi Missy,

    I'm on the FFR Contest "tour" as well and love meeting new authors. Looking forward to checking out your web site!

    To answer your blog question - I love road trips and good music is a must. I tend to prefer fast tempo oldies and hubby usually agrees. My #1 top pick: Born to Be Wild by Steppenwolf. Here's a trivia tidbit - the name of the music category "Heavy Metal" came from this song's lyrics. It's still the ultimate road trip song to me.

    Have a great day!
    rrgreene at earthlink dot net

  3. I'm on the FFR tour and will be back to your site. Sorry I missed the weekend contest but I'll try to get the download.
    When I'm by myself & getting tired on the road, nothing picks me up like AC/DC, especially their Back in Black album. When I'm with the kids, we listen to Pink or Greenday.
    Happy Monday!

  4. When I was younger my favorite road songs were Call Me Al by Paul Simon and 500 Miles by Proclaimers. To this day those songs remind me of driving with the top down with nowhere in particular to go.

  5. Hmmm, road trip music...I would have to bring along my ipod that is loaded down with, I'll admit a lot of American Idol finalist. I love Daughtry, Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, David Cook, Kellie Pickler, Jordin Sparks and Adam Lambert. Besides the AI guys/gals I would have Foo Fighters, Maroon 5, Nickelback, Pink, Avril Lavign and an assortment of hairband groups from the 80s. I love listening to while sitting at my desk because I can create my own radio stations.

  6. I like an assortment of music when listening on the road. From older stuff like Meatloaf, The Cars, and Fleetwood Mac to the newer stuff from Kelly, Daughtry, Within Temptation, and Evanescence.

    wv_mark at

  7. Jennifer, yes you're in the right place. Thanks for reading my blog and commenting. Good luck on winning ;-)

    Rebecca, welcome to my blog. That's too funny about heavy metal. Thanks for sharing, I didn't know that, lol.

    Maria, thanks! I hope you;re Monday has been fabulous. My kids and I like Greenday too, but they cringe when I put on AC/DC.

    Sara, I always forget how much I love Paul Simon until he comes on the radio.

    Stormy, I don't watch TV so the kids always laugh at how surprised I am by who comes out of AI. I like the 80's hairbands too ;-)

    Mark, you may be the first guy EVER to comment on my blog, lol. Welcome! I find I enjoy Fleetwood Mac more when the kids aren't in the car ;-)

    Thank you everyone for your comments! You're all now in the running for the Kindle and my prize pack. I'll draw a winner tomorrow afternoon.

  8. I always have the radio or a cd on while in the car. I'm not sure I could drive if it wasn't on. I listen to country mostly. I enjoy Tim McGraw and George Strait. My husband always says, please put the radio on at least, for a variety:)


  9. I love all music and could not function without it. I am an artist so when I am "doing my thang" I listen to alternative music such as woodwinds and pan flutes. Whne I am at work, I listen to everything becaus eit entertains my ADD! i have my iPOD in my ear all the time because even though I am working an ddo not realize it is on most of the time, it keeps that part of my mind that wanders occupied so I can get the job done- wierd I know, but if it works for you- stick with it- Right?

  10. Judy and Kay, thanks for adding your comments! I also like to have classical music on when I write. It's easier for me to get lost in my world that way.

    Now it's time for me to draw a winner. The lucky reader will not only be in the running for a Kindle and a plethora of prizes from all of the authors participating in the Fool for Romance contest, but also one of my prize packs.
    And the winner is...
    Sara Thompson! Congratulations, Sara!!! Please email your mailing address to: missy AT msmissyjane DOT com so I can get your prize into the mail.
    Thanks again everyone for visiting my blog :-)