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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mid-Nano Blues

Tomorrow is the Ides of November and halfway through NaNoWriMo 2010. I confess I've already considered throwing in the towel a couple of times now, but I think I'll keep on going. I'm currently at 5,016 words on my official Nano manuscript, but I've actually written more than that in the past week. My problem is the other WIP that I have on my handy-dandy flash drive just won't leave me alone. I open my Nano MS and the other characters start screaming at me. Most vocal this past week have been Kotori and his woman Sanura. What can I say? I miss my shifters. The urge to get  lost in that world has been nearly overwhelming lately, so I opened up my previously published short stories.
In case you've missed them on my site, there are free short stories set my shifter world, based on minor characters. One is about Scott, the human co-worker of Alexia Williams. The other is about Fleur and Philip, lion shapeshifters not mentioned in They Call Me Death. I feel I've neglected my other blogs lately and rectified that by posting the free stories to them today. The humans got Scott's story and the shifters got the lions. I hope to make this a regular thing, maybe monthly. As I said I miss my shifters.
So here's the run-down on my writing:
  • Nano MS: 5,016 words and drifting
  • Vampire MS: 27,548 and hopefull
  • Kotori's MS: 6,371 and full speed ahead
Of course, there are quite a few others in the works as well, but I refuse to open those for updates until at least one of these three is finished!

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