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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Top 10 Reasons to be a Fan of SBP

Have you ever heard of Sapphire Blue publishing? Neither had I until just over a year ago. From their website:
Sapphire Blue Publishing produces high quality eBooks that will induce conversations and addict you to a special experience.  You'll lose yourself in a universe where the women kick ass, dark fantasy worlds become a reality, suspense sends chills up your spine, and more... In an economy where money counts, Sapphire Blue Publishing's books are priced fantastically!
Sapphire Blue Publishing is a new eBook publishing company managed by a close family group of highly respected, innovative, revolutionary entrepreneurs.  
Sapphire Blue Publishing, LLC is a partnership owned by Maria Clayton and Tina Gerow--two very dynamic people bringing with them diverse strengths and backgrounds who are committed to making Sapphire Blue a publishing company where authors and publishers form a win/win partnership in an industry we love. We hope the end result of this new kind of partnership will be books that "enchant" our readers and bring them back time and time again.
So, why should you be a fan of SBP? Here are a few enticing reasons:
Well, what are you waiting for? Click on all of the links and become a fan, friend and follower of SBP!

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