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Monday, June 18, 2012

MMM: The Tasty Tyson Ciccone


Name: Tyson Ciccone

Age: 25

Birthplace: England, Manchester

Height: 5'10

Weight: 165

Eye/Hair Color: Brown/ Black

Shoe size: 9  1/2

Today we have the sweet Tyson Ciccone, another one of my Facebook finds. God I love that website. ;-)

How long have you been modeling professionally? At what age did you decide to model?

Wow, I was 13yrs old when I first decided I wanted to be in this industry. So yeah, I was young! :0)

Have you traveled for your job? If so where was your favorite assignment, if not where is your dream assignment?

The most fun I have had so far was when I traveled to Universal Studios Orlando to film a commercial for the new Harry Potter Attraction. I had a great time and I made some good friends.

When not modeling, what hobbies do you enjoy?

I have a few hobbies. I really like studying anything that involves spirituality. I also enjoy drawing and singing.

Want more of Tyson? (Who wouldn't?) You can find him here:

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