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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What Freedom Means To...

I asked my four daughters what the term freedom means to them. And this is what they said:

"It means to me the right to do anything."

"Freedom means to be free. (To have escaped.)"

"Freedom is the ability to walk down the street without being told how or when to do so."

"Freedom means to be free. I'm free to go to public school and go places without being harassed."

To me, freedom is the most basic right I'm afforded as an American, but it's also a privilege. It is what so many of my fellow Americans have fought and died for. It is what others would take away if given half the chance. It is the best part of being an American and probably the one thing we take for granted the most. Without freedom we wouldn't be the country we are. Some may argue that would be a good thing, but I disagree. Many Americans have done great things because they had the freedom to do so. I hope one day I can be counted among them.


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